Who are we?

MOTHER is a technology firm specialized in tourism industry; it was created from the collaboration of a group of experienced professionals in the management of projects and technological resources in different types of organizations in the tourism sector including: Travel Agencies, Consolidators, Tour Operators, OTA´s, TMC´s, Airlines, etc.

Driven by the opportunity to form a multidisciplinary team which could provide experience in several roles for the effective technology -based project planning and management, recognizing the strategic role the IT has in tourism sector.

MOTHER was created to fill the void that exists in the technology firm market and become a technological ally for those organizations that want to invest in effective and profitable digital platforms for their provision, marketing and travel distribution business.

All of our solutions are created in a MODULAR way, our customers can use only those that they need.

Through close cooperation with AWS services, it is possible to have the compatibility, availability, security and high performance of our computer systems. Given the reliability of your services, we can align our strategic objectives to the work plans of future technological developments.

Demonstrating good experiences to the users of our applications is a key element during daily operation, experience that is possible thanks to the stability of the AWS architecture, where our technological tools are housed.

With this relationship, the business development of our organization has escalated internally and in terms of customer service is concerned, directly impacting on productivity, market positioning and increase in our sales.

Ulf Aschmann

Manager of E commerce

Mundo Joven Travel Shop

“We inspire travelers.”