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1. Requirement Analysis

The correct identification and definition of the customer requirements for their technology investment projects allows us to do time estimations and more reliable cost, also increase your chances of success. Our requirement analysis service is simple and accessible, since it works through consultancy modules which start since the ten hours and produce deliverables based on the job done during the interviews with the client.

2. Solution Design

To deliver value to customers is necessary to connect multiple organizations and their platforms to ours, each one with its own data structures, communication interfaces and restrictions. Our solutions are designed considering today technical capabilities and business relationships in combination with the growth plans of each client. Hybrid platforms are a technology information reality that can be exploited if it is considered since the design with an intention to capitalize this diversity and turn them into operational flexibility.

3. Development of software

The construction of tailor-made applications is always an available option in our portfolio. Our team is framed by developers with experience in the sector and project managers with extensive experience in agile methodologies, which allows us to deliver partial results to confirm with our customer their agreements with the progresses. We work with various development technologies so we can work and connect multiple platforms; we know our customers have certain applications that remain useful and they want to combine them with a new integrated and modern digital ecosystem.

4. Quality

The quality of the software is a complex and hard working component of Information Technologies. The perception of quality is directly related with the defined scope for the projects. In addition, is highly specialized and generally operates on the trust that customers have in their suppliers. We guarantee the quality in all its forms through best practices. The investment comes from both sides and starts from the beginning; moreover, with a good requirement definition we ensure the customer and our team are on the same page.

5. Implementation

Because of our experience we know that technologies and good projects have been lost on the way due to a poor implementation. It is critical to expend appropriate resources to analyze how the new platform will affect the work processes of the users, the training they will be provided before beginning and the tracking they must be offered during a proper time in order to achieve a good adoption of the application, since the success depends on people who use it and the correct use it is given.

6. Ongoing Maintenance

All technological platforms, regardless if they’re third party or befitting, have maintenance needs. Unfortunately, it is common for companies to see their technology projects as one time investments, while neglecting other factors which are an important part of the total cost of ownership (TCO), as continued maintenance. Knowing these platforms tend to support critical business processes for organizations, we reuse our development capacities to provide maintenance policies and support for every piece of software that we develop for our clients.

7. Project Management

Technology protects have become most costly and critical for modern organizations. For that reason it’s necessary to manage them with methodologies, techniques and tools which meet our customers expectations. This comprehensive vision allows us to have an effective project management and deliver expected results on expected time and cost. Assigning specific resources for project management allows us to maximize the return on investment (ROI) of our customers and strengthen the role information technologies have in the profitability of their operations, and, build up a reliability that will help us to be your technology ally in a long term.

XML / API Integrations

In tourism it is fundamental to integrate different applications; Therefore, we offer our customers the ability to integrate multiple platforms, regardless of whether they are own or other’s. The key to automate and integrate business processes is in the correct integration of information systems that support them. If there are not connection means, we can assist you with the design of interfaces in order to create a standardized integration layer that supports communication between systems with low implementation and maintenance costs. Our technical capabilities allow us to integrate a broad universe of platforms using interfaces XML Web services or RESTful APIs.

GDS Technology Consulting

Your GDS portfolio provider tends to be wider than your daily operation needs. Usually, there is already a possible solution for your needs by using one or several technologies available in it. For this reason, we work closely with manufacturers to optimize the use of these platforms and obtain greater efficiency with them and their offers.

Third-Party Platform Implementation

We know our customers don’t want just one platform and one vendor. Consequently, we are interested in assisting you with the our portfolio implementation beyond platforms, because we know sometimes it will be helpful to integrate them into your ecosystem of applications and business processes. The success of the hybrid platforms requires working in harmony with other suppliers and deliver the value that the client wants to deliver to their passengers.

Branding and Digital Marketing

The launch of a new website is just the beginning of the adventure. The development of the brand on Internet through an effective digital communication strategy it’s a key part for successful website. Therefore, we want to assist you through this challenge, which requires a correct mix of advertising, software and creative knowledge for tangible and verifiable results with better sales levels.